Using LinkedIn to Win New Business

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LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most valuable tools for professionals. The social media giant has over 500 million users and is one of the biggest search engines in the world. Many people use it as their online resume but small business owners use it to showcase their expertise and to attract prospects and clients.

Winning New Business

Small business owners usually do not have the marketing budgets of larger companies so they are forced to be more creative and use tools like social media to get people’s attention. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for doing so but it’s much deeper than just making a few posts during the week.

Winning new business starts with your profile. It is important that you have a nice picture that truly represents who you are. Your profile picture should be high-quality and you should smile a little, it makes you look more trustworthy. Avoid full body pics, up close/face only photos and pictures with sunglasses.

Your headline is the most important part of your profile. LinkedIn is not the place for nicknames, keep it professional and use your real name. Your bio should be creative but try to get to the point quickly. Do not forget to include the appropriate keywords to attract your ideal clients. Being too wordy in your headline can confuse visitors and cause them to quickly move on.


Having a nice picture and headline is a great start but it is not enough to make visitors start spending their hard-earned money. Getting other professionals to buy your product or service is different than selling to general consumers. The sales process is long and it requires a little more work.

The goal with content is to build trust and prove that you can solve the problems your ideal clients have. Your content should be actionable and readers should value it to the point where they want to share it with others.

Content such as blog posts, e-books, case studies, and videos, allows you to address pain points that your target audience may have. If done correctly, they show that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter and that you can take care of the specific needs for your prospects.

Consistency and creativity are important for content curators. The objective is to create content that generates activity. The more Likes, Shares, and Comments you get, the more likely LinkedIn is to make your content a priority by pushing it higher up in the news feed.


One of the coolest features that LinkedIn has is the ability to join various groups within your industry. LinkedIn is a sharing community and even though many people are trying to get the attention of the same people, they do not mind sharing tips and ideas with one another. This type of engagement helps like-minded people connect on a regular basis and push their respective industries forward.


The competition on LinkedIn is stiff so standing out in the crowd takes a little work. It starts with having a polished profile and capturing visitor’s attention as soon as they see your profile picture and read your headline. Once you have their attention, your content is the thing that is going to pull prospects in.

Groups are a bonus and they help users grow their network, connect with like-minded professionals and increase their chances to reach prospects.

If your content is consistently appearing at the top of the news feed, readers will begin to value you as an industry leader and you will be on your way to winning new business.

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