Why You Should Use Wix for Your Business Website

Building a website is one of the most important tasks that you'll have in creating an online presence for your business. Now you may have heard that you don't need a website because there are so many social media platforms available. This is wrong... fake news and no marketing professional should be pushing this message.

A website gives you complete control and with a social media profile, you'll never have that. Social platforms have rules and they can ban your account without warning or a valid reason. Owning your own website gives you total control over how you want to look and sound to your target audience.

One of our favorite platforms to recommend for new business owners is Wix. Wix has some amazing tools that will help you run your business more efficiently. Wix includes all of the following:

- website design software with a template that is current and industry-focused

- customer relationship management (CRM)

- email marketing and automation

- booking/scheduling

- invoicing and payment

This is just a shortlist of what Wix brings to the table. Contact us with questions or if you need help navigating the Wix platform.

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